The artists create one-of-a-kind wheel thrown, hand-built and sculptural works in stoneware, earthenware and porcelain in a diverse range of styles, techniques and glazes from kitchen items and table ware, to classic and funky décor, to museum-quality pieces.

Many of Denman Island’s potters established there in the early 1970s, as a peaceful way to make a living on this rural island paradise.

Hanne Christensen,
Hanne Christensen Pottery

European style tea-pots, butter dishes, bowls, dinner plates, jugs, vases, casserole dishes, hanging planters, soap dishes and lotion dispensers.

Tom Dennis,
Tom Dennis Pottery

Functional and decorative plates, bowls, mugs, platters and vases.

Gordon Hutchens Pottery

Gordon Hutchens,
Gordon Hutchens Pottery

From museum-quality pieces to functional pots, vases, platers and mugs. Gordon is the recipient of a Creative Achievement Award of Distinction, Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design.

Bentley LeBaron,
LeBaron Pottery Studio.

Fanciful creatures from dragons and ravens to bulls, horses and felines, and masks, bodycasts, vases mugs and other functional ware.

Barb Mills,
Raucous Raven Pottery

Clay birds and whimsical masks.

John Mills,
Raucous Raven Pottery

Cannisters, casseroles, colanders and small lanterns.

Shirley Phillips,
Lilac Sun Pottery

Single stem flower vases and plates bejewelled with melted beach glass, to cups, bowls, masks, wall torsos and more.

Jeanie Rogers,
Gilded Petunia Pottery

Decorative and functional earthenware, lustreware and wood-fired pots, vases, flower blocks, buttons.

Sandra Schaffer,
Sandra Schaffer Pottery

Tea pots, mugs, bowls and plates.

Marjo Van Tooren,
Down to Earth Pottery

Hand-built bowls, mugs, footend colanders, clay beads and more.

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