Gilded Petunia Pottery

3415 Kelsey Road, Denman Island

Gilded Petunia Pottery’s brand-new turquoise studio with views of Baynes Sound is where potter Jeanie Rogers creates decorative and functional earthenware, lustreware and wood fired pots in an eclectic mix of styles, colours, textures.

Jeanie Rogers at work at her Gilded Petunia Pottery Studio on Denman Island.

Mainly self-taught through workshops, apprenticing, and a semester at North Island College, Jeanie says she is always in an experimental stage: 

“I’ll try anything once. I’m constantly exploring and trying to have some fun with it .”

Her diverse collection includes  colourfully glazed earthenware bowls,  lidded pots, denim-look pots with rivets, wood-fired clay buttons, holey-Denman-sandstone-inspired bowls, leaf prints, and metallic finish lustreware vases, some embellished with tree frogs.

“I am always thinking of new ways to display flowers.” 

Her art is influenced by her background in horticulture at the University of Guelph in Ontario, her family’s roots in agriculture and the hardware business, and of course by the beauty of Denman Island

“Soil and clay, flowers and vases – everything is connected to the land.”

Originally from Stratford, Ontario, Jeanie has been in BC for more than 40 years, and since moving to Denman Island in 2018 she has revived the artform she started exploring in the 1970s with new passion.

Gilded Petunia Pottery

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