Gordon Hutchens Pottery

4031 Wren Road, Denman Island

“I take a lot of my inspiration from the natural world around me,” says Gordon Hutchens. “The ocean, the rocks along the shoreline, the changing weather, the forest, the moss growing on the trees, the lichen growing on the rocks. Some of those little micro and macro things influence the crystalline-glazed porcelain I make.”

From museum-quality pieces (his work is displayed in permanent collections such as the Bronfman family’s Claridge Collection, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Burlington Art Centre, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization) to functional pots, vases, platers and mugs.

In 2019, Gordon Hutchens was honoured with a Creative Achievement Award of Distinction, Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design from the BC Achievement Foundation for his 46-year contribution to the British Columbia arts community.

Gordon Hutchens uses a traditional hillside Tozan-style Anagama wood-fired kiln to produce unique finishes that are unattainable in an electric kiln. Photo by Trish Weatherall.


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