One of BC’s only pottery-specific studio tours, the Denman Island Pottery Studio Tour has been an annual event since 1987.
It’s an opportunity to meet the artists, get a behind-the-scenes look at the spaces where they create, and learn about their techniques and processes.

What’s the self-guided Denman Island Pottery Studio Tour?

You decide which studios you want to visit and in what order.

Get the free Denman Island Pottery Studio Tour map (either online, at the ferry booth in Buckley Bay or at the Denman Craft Shop in downtown Denman Island) and choose your route.

You can check out the artists and some of their work in advance on this website!

How is it different than visiting at other times?

The artists prepare for the pottery tour months in advance and often their latest work is being unveiled for the tour weekend.

This might be your only opportunity to visit some of the artists who only open their studios once a year for this event. Throughout the year, they travel to craft fairs or fill orders online.

What’s the best way to get around Denman Island?

You’ll need a car or a bicycle to take in the 51 square kilometres of rural beauty as you travel cliffside roads above the coast and through towering trees to discover art in its natural environment. Some studios are perched on hilltops with ocean views, others are tucked down woodland lanes.

If you’re walking, there are two studios and the Denman Craft Shop within walking distance of the Denman West ferry terminal.

How many studios can I expect to visit in a day?

Plan carefully and it’s possible to see them all, if you spend half an hour at each and allow about 15 minutes travel time in between.

You can plan your route based on location or on specific artists you want to visit.

Allow extra time if you plan to visit parks, beaches or other Denman shops while you’re here.

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