Lilac Sun Pottery

3311 Denman Road, Denman Island

 “Everyday I am embraced by nature’s evolving canvas,” says Shirley Phillips of Lilac Sun Pottery. “I see the opening of blossoms, rain on rocks, the unfurling of leaves, waves on the ocean…I am always inspired.” 

Phillips successfully captures these fleeting images and feelings in her tactile pottery. Her hand building techniques include coiling, pinching, slab work and Kurinuki, then pressing clay with all manner of human-made and natural objects, her works are always highly textured with intricate patterns. Bowls, mugs, cups, spoon rests and other pieces are wheel thrown.

Some are smoke-fired in a stacked brick campfire, others are wood-fired in master potter Gordon Hutchens’ Anagama (also known as a climbing-hill-dragon kiln), and others are fired in an electric kiln.


From miniature single stem flower vases and plates bejewelled with melted beach glass, to cups, bowls, masks, wall torsos and more, this artist’s tiny studio and gallery overlooking Baynes Sound from the ferry hill is a treasure trove of affordable gift ideas!

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