Linda Adair

5265 Lacon Road, Denman Island

Linda has always been an artist and pottery is merely one way in which she expresses her creativity. Her relationship with ceramics started in the mid-1990s when she took a course with local Denman potter, Wendy Neufield, and ended up working alongside her as an apprentice for ten years. Under Wendy’s tutelage, Linda worked exclusively with the notoriously finicky porcelain clay and has since expanded her repertoire to use others, such as Coffee Clay, and the highly tactile Dragonfruit; the latter of which she likes to lightly sand after firing, preferring to only glaze the interiors to allow the beauty of the material to stand out.

During a stop at Linda’s studio you will be able to admire the variety of mugs she makes, including a travel mug (complete with a lid), along with garlic and honey pots, bowls, specialty noodle bowls with chopstick rests, as well as unique sculptural pieces. Some sculpture collections are the Garden Fish (hand-built fish intended to be staked in your yard), her Bathroom Stinky Men (as named by her grandchildren), and new this year, her Pee Plant Pots (clever pots that allow an overflow of water to be released through ahem natural means…) Her work will leave you with a smile one your face, especially in response to the quirky faces she designs onto her items, like the Gnome or splayed-leg chicken banks. She even finds ways to incorporate her other forms of art with pottery with her windchimes combined with stained glass.

The last time Linda was involved with Studio Tour was over 20 years ago. Her pottery will be displayed in the cedar showroom, a small building just south of her main house address. Look for vase-shaped signs directing you to the correct location.