Sandra Shaffer Pottery

3590 Northwest Road, Denman Island

Sandra Shaffer’s pottery studio is housed in a transformed structure that was originally the kitchen of one of the oldest settler homes on Denman Island. Located at the corner of Northwest and Lake Roads, Sandra creates teapots, mugs, vases, bottles and more, with simplicity and functionality in mind.

“I like simple pots; quiet pots,” she says. “True to their functions and useful in everyday lives.”

A longime potter, Sandra has settled into her studio for her second year on the Denman Island Pottery Tour. Visitors will see the new kiln shed ready for the planned build of a gas kiln. Recent work includes pieces fired in atmospheric kilns, some  from  the Anagama kiln ( at Gordon Hutchens) and some from the  soda kiln at North Island College.

“I’m grateful I’m a potter,” she says. “It’s a centering and grounding practice. It keeps me in the present moment. The throwing of a pot is a moment in time, so in essence, the pot holds time.”

“And yes, coffee really does taste better in a handmade mug.”

Contact Sandra by email or call 778-585-9356.

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    1. Greetings Peggy, I hadn’t been on this page so hadn’t replied to your inquiry. I’m busy creating pots for this years pottery tour on the May
      long weekend. Hope to see you then.

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