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2023 Press Release

This year features six studio locations and seven potters. Several well-known Denman potters on the tour list have been a part of the tour since its beginnings, 36 years ago, and for Bentley Le Baron, master potter, sculptor and painter, this will be his last tour before he retires.

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Master potter, sculptor and painter Bentley Le Baron will retire after the 34th Annual Denman Island Pottery Studio Tour.


Island Arts magazine – May/June 2023

The Flagstone – May 2023

The Islands Grapevine – May 18, 2023

All Fired Up: Comox Valley Collective magazine, Vol. 23, 2020

Award-winning potter Gordon Hutchens may be in his seventies, but he’s still got plenty of clay to shape, students to teach, and ideas to pursue.

Lilac Sun Pottery: Gifts inspired by nature: The Islands Grapevine, July 2020

20 years after realizing her dream, Shirley Phillips of Lilac Sun Pottery talks about how Denman Island nature inspires her art, her legendary local pottery mentors, how the pandemic affected her, gift ideas and what’s new in the studio as she re-opens. 

Lifetime Achievement Award for Denman Potter Gordon Hutchens: The Islands Grapevine, Dec. 2019

Denman Island master potter Gordon Hutchens has been honoured with an achievement award for his 46-year contribution to the British Columbia arts community.

Bentley Le Baron & the Great Mother Dragon: The Beacon, Aug. 2011

An interview with master potter Bentley Le Baron!

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